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To whom in may concern,



Josh Lucas, is an exciting and creatively ambitious artists based in Exeter and we are glad to be supporting his next show ‘I wanna dance with somebody!’.  Josh scratched his work with us last year and now we are please to be offering him a weeks r&d space and a slot in our scratch program in April, as well as providing him with a days worth of mentoring during the development of the project.   Our relationship with supporting Josh goes back to 2013 when he performed in From Devon with Love festival and it is encouraging to have seen his work grow and mature over the past few years.   A graduate from Exeter University, who decided to stay, artists like Josh are integral to the developing artistic ecology in Exeter.

We are looking forward to continuing to support Josh Lucas as his practice and work grows.


All the best,

Chloe Whipple.




Audience Feedback from Previews/Scratches


PILOT Night Scratch – audience feedback

Great fun…a happy show.

Fantastic, loved it

Don’t change anything, Brilliant!

Good fun. Loved it!

Great energy!/ Great Fun!/Great audience involvement!

Awesome energy – really good at getting audience involved.

Haven’t seen audience interaction done that well since Jamie Wood’s show here

A subject that is hidden by the people who suffer from it. Enjoyed how you explored it.

I enjoyed the audience participation and not caring about looking silly together, very enjoyable.

This has A LOT of potential.


Bike Shed Preview


A heartfelt exploration of dancing and human connection

Used science and dancing to give me that fuzzy feeling

A winning and honest show about how we connect with those around us


Publicity Images for Use in Marketing Material

Stills From PILOT Night Scratch

Video of Scratch Performance @ PILOT Nights

(unfortunately without Celidh section, also youtube has  has muted it because of a copywright claim, but it still gives a sense of what the show might be like)

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